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Papers are available for download in pdf format or can be picked up in 5269 Grainger Hall. If you have any questions, contact Danielle Nguyen at 608-262-6032.

Date Time Room Author Affiliation Paper
9/13/2013 11:00am 1170 Grainger Bryan Kelly University of Chicago Too-Systemic-To-Fail: What Option Markets Imply About Sector-wide Government Guarantees
9/20/2013 11:00am 1170 Grainger Dimitris Papanikolaou Northwestern University Innovation Cycles
9/27/2013 11:00am 1170 Grainger Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh New York University Firm Volatility in Granular Networks
10/4/2013 11:00am 1170 Grainger Alexi Savov New York University The Macroeconomics of Shadow Banking
10/11/2013 11:00am 1170 Grainger Lu Zhang Ohio State University  An Equilibrium Asset Pricing Model with Labor Market Search
10/18/2013 11:00am 1170 Grainger Mark Westerfield University of Washington Looking for Someone to Blame: Delegation, Cognitive Dissonance, and the Disposition Effect
11/1/2013 10:00am 1280 Grainger Hui Chen Massachusetts Institute of Technology A Dynamic Tradeoff Theory for Financially Constrained Firms
11/8/2013 11:00am 1170 Grainger Sumit Agarwal National University of Singapore Did the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Lead to Risky Lending?
11/22/2013 11:00am 1170 Grainger Lukas Schmid University of California Testing Dynamic Agency Theory via Structural Estimation
12/6/2013 11:00am 1170 Grainger Nikolai Roussanov University of Pennsylvania Commodity Trade and the Carry Trade: A Tale of Two Countries
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