The Finance Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Business prides itself on an undergraduate program that consistently ranks near the top of all schools in the United States, a masters program that focuses student learning in niche areas, and a Ph.D. program that trains world-class researchers.

Our department has an outstanding faculty, with members who are internationally known as scholars and teachers. Numerous alumni with a wealth of experience in the financial world participate in our classrooms as adjunct professors and speakers. Our curriculum offers an enviable range of courses and topics from basic concepts that all beginning students should know to specific topics of current interest found in applied programs. Student clubs and organizations create opportunities for finance students to hear and meet with business leaders outside the classroom.

Recruiters consistently visit the Wisconsin School of Business looking for graduating students with sophisticated skills in corporate finance, investments, and banking. Approximately one third of all undergraduate and graduate students in the University of Wisconsin-Madison finish with a finance major. Many more concentrate their studies in finance while they complete majors in other areas. For these reasons, and because we offer applied programs such as the Applied Security Analysis program and the Corporate Finance and Investment Banking program, the Finance Department has a large cadre of distinguished alumni.

The city of Madison and the University of Wisconsin-Madison offer an excellent environment that attracts students with many different interests, talents, and abilities from across the United States and from around the world. The department capitalizes on this to create an atmosphere of learning in which students can grow to become leaders in the financial world.