Wisconsin School of Business Students Compete in Various Case Competitions

Business Badgers have been busy competing in a variety of relevant case competitions, demonstrating their ability to apply what they have learned in class to real world scenarios.

Deloitte FanTAXtic Case Competition
Students Cole Bjornstad, Troy Henkel, Scott Papez, Emily Rosenbaum, and Laura Rudolph, along with faculty advisor Stacie Laplante, represented the Wisconsin School of Business at Deloitte's National FanTAXtic Competition at Deloitte University in Dallas, Texas. After winning a regional competition in Milwaukee this fall, the team competed against eight other teams from around the country and took home first place!

The team members include three MAcc students (Emily Rosenbaum, Troy Henkel, and Scott Papez), and two sophomores (Laura Rudolph and Cole Bjornstad). The group’s ability to work together as a team was crucial in the two-day competition that included writing a technical memo and presenting their recommendations to the president and chairman of the board of a fictitious client. Professor Laplante notes, “One of the most rewarding observations I had was seeing how the senior students helped the sophomores get up to speed in such a technical area, and then seeing them all perform so well. In fact, after the competition, the judges said that they could not really tell which team members were sophomores.”

students at FanTAXtic

Deloitte Regional Audit Case Competition
Students Max Haraldsen, Josh Frischmon, Kayta Gruneberg, Cindy Xu, and Elizabeth Borkhus, along with faculty advisor Kristen Fuhremann, represented the Wisconsin School of Business at the Deloitte Regional Audit Case Competition in Chicago this fall. The team was given a challenging case based on real audit issues encountered by Deloitte professionals and had several weeks to research the technical issues presented in the case and arrive at a recommendation for their fictitious client.

During the regional competition in Chicago, the team presented their recommendations to a panel of four judges, each of whom hold senior-level leadership positions within Deloitte. There were seven schools competing in the regional competition, and while the Badgers did not advance to the national finals, they represented the school very well. The students were polished, professional, and had researched their case so well, the judges ran out of questions!

PwC xTAX Competition
A record ten teams of accounting students from the Wisconsin School of Business competed in the campus round of PwC’s xTAX competition this fall. This competition allows students to develop and present solutions for real tax issues while building critical thinking, teamwork, leadership, and communication skills. Led by Faculty Advisor Al Talarczyk, each of the 4-5 person teams presented their solution to a panel of judges, consisting of senior PwC professionals.

Students Troy Henkel, JJ Hafermann, Kayta Gruneberg, Sarah Millar, and Jenny Kane won the local competition and a video of their winning presentation was sent on for the next round. PwC judges select five teams from around the country to compete in the national finals in Washington D.C. While the Wisconsin School of Business was not selected to move on this year, we are very proud of how the students represented the school.

KPMG International Case Competition
Eight teams of Wisconsin School of Business students competed in the campus round of KPMG’s International Case Competition (KICC) this fall. KICC challenges students to evaluate real business problems, research technical questions, and present solutions to a panel of judges. What makes this competition unique is that students only have 48 hours from the time they receive the case materials until the time they present!

The winning team, Nicholas Bruhn, Tom Fine, JJ Hafermann, and Andrew Schneider, advanced to the semi-final competition in Chicago this winter. The team did not advance to the national competition this year, but we are extremely proud of how they represented the school. The team displayed great poise, professionalism, and created a solid presentation.

students at FanTAXtic