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Assistant Professor - Management & Human Resources

**The most current versions of my CV, research and teaching can be accessed through my personal website: https://sites.google.com/site/saradaeconomist/home

I am an Assistant Professor in the Management and Human Resources Department at the Wisconsin School of Business.

My main research focus is on the economics of entrepreneurship. My work looks at who becomes an entrepreneur, the financial incentives they face in doing so and the factors that determine entrepreneurial success. I completed my Ph.D. in economics at the University of California, San Diego and received my undergraduate degree in economics and statistics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Prior to my faculty role at UW-Madison, I was a post-doctoral research associate at the Fuqua School of Business in Duke University.

I teach Entrepreneurial Finance at both the undergraduate and MBA levels (FIN 457 and FIN 757) and Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies (MHR 427). Please refer to my personal webpage for details.

Selected Accepted Journal Articles

Tocoian, O. (2018). Is it all about who you know? Prior work connections and entrepreneurial success. Industrial and Labor Relations Review

Selected Published Journal Articles

Gordon, R. (2018). How should taxes be designed to encourage entrepreneurship. Journal of Public Economics (166), 1-11.

Undergraduate Courses

Entrepreneurial Finance
Course DescriptionDiscusses the tools helpful for financing new ventures, with emphasis on their applications. The course also helps students understand the institutional setting that has an impact on the financing conditions of new ventures.
(FIN 457 Section 001), Fall 2015.

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Assistant Professor | Management & Human Resources
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