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Roberto Robatto

Assistant Professor - Finance

Roberto Robatto recently completed his doctorate in economics at the University of Chicago. He also holds a M.Sc. in Economics from Bocconi University and Pompeu Fabra University.

His main research interests are at the intersection of banking, macroeconomics and monetary policy, with emphasis on theoretical analysis. In his dissertation, he analyzed the macroeconomic impact of systemic financial crises and the effects of monetary policies aimed at mitigating and preventing such crises. He is also interested in understanding the theoretical basis of attitudes toward risk, with a focus on how biological evolution affects economic behavior.

He was awarded the 2009 Crivelli Scholarship by the Unicredit & Universities Foundation, the 2011 Macro Field Lee Prize by the Economics Department of the University of Chicago, the 2012 Dissertation Fellowship by the Macroeconomic Modeling and Systemic Risk Research Initiative, and the 2014 SUERF-Unicredit Research Prize “Reregulation of the Financial Sector” for his research on monetary policy and financial crises.

Selected Published Journal Articles

Alvarez, F. & Lippi, F. & Robatto, R. (2019). Cost of Inflation in Inventory Theoretical Models. Review of Economic Dynamics (32), 206-226.
Robatto, R. & Szentes, B. (2017). On the Biological Foundation of Risk Preferences. Journal of Economic Theory (172), 410-422.

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Roberto Robatto

Assistant Professor | Finance
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