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Paola Mallucci

Assistant Professor - Marketing

Paola Mallucci holds a Ph.D. in marketing from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis and holds an MS in marketing from Universita’ Bocconi in Milan, Italy. In Italy, Mallucci also worked for Procter and Gamble as an assistant brand manager. Her teaching interests are in the area of channel management, marketing research, and marketing management. In her work, she investigates how social preferences, such as social pressure and fairness, can affect important marketing decisions, such as product pricing in channels and corporate social responsibility actions.

Selected Accepted Journal Articles

Mallucci, P. & Cui, T. & Raju, J. & Zhang, Z. (2015). Social Preferences and Distribution Channels. Book

Selected Published Journal Articles

Mallucci, P. & Cui, T. (2016). Fairness Ideals in Distribution Channels. Journal of Marketing Research (53), 969-987.

Selected Submitted Journal Articles

Mallucci, P. & Cui, T. & Wu, D. (2018). Power and Fairness: When Power Works and Fails – Evidence from a Modified Ultimatum Game. Journal of Public Economics

Working Papers

Mallucci, P. & Cui, T. & Zhang, Z. (2018). The Blessings of Haggling with Reference Prices.
Mallucci, P. & Narasimhan, O. & John, G. Contractual Choices and their Consequences in a Time Inconsisten World.

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Paola Mallucci

Assistant Professor | Marketing
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