Actuarial Research Conference

    The annual Actuarial Research Conference (ARC) provides an opportunity for academics and practitioners to meet and discuss actuarial problems and their solutions. The ARC has been held at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Wisconsin four times:

    • 44th – 2009
    • 29th – 1994
    • 19th – 1984
    • 7th – 1972

    The ARC program has historically consisted primarily of contributed paper talks. The usual theme has been to allow all comers, as actuarial science is multidisciplinary. We followed this tradition with some minor variations.

    • Consistent with prior years, we featured panels on actuarial education. Invited panelists came from academia and the North American professional actuarial associations (the Society of Actuaries and Casualty Actuarial Society).
    • Consistent with prior years, we featured industry panelists. In 2009, the goal of invited industry panelists was to discuss:
      • how research is administered in their organizations  – how are projects identified, shepherded through, how is talent recruited, and so forth,
      • general industry trends – what are likely to be the research tools that industry will need in the future and
      • case studies – discussion of how a research problem was attacked and research used to add business value to a company.
    • Poster sessions. A scientific poster is a large document that can communicate your research at a scientific meeting. Posters allowed for exchange between the audience and the researcher – they were especially useful for researchers who sought feedback on work that was developing. See the “Submission” page for more details.