The breakout rooms in the East wing of Grainger Hall are as follows:  2473, 2475, 2477, 2525, 3301*, 3305, 3307, 3309, 3311*, 3315, 3317, 3319, 3337 (*have technology in them) – we have these reserved on Fridays and Saturdays during EMBA weekends (except 3301 which is first-come, first-served –> details below) There are also three rooms on the first floor by the Plenary room (1320, 1327, 1329).

Wisconsin School of Business Integrated Breakout Room Guidelines

  • Wisconsin School of Business East Wing breakout rooms are available during Grainger Hall building hours for use by all MBA students.
  • Rooms may be used by all MBA students without reservation, but on-demand reservations have priority.
    • Reserving the room “on-demand” is pretty much like looking into the space and determining if it is open then going in except that you can reserve the space for two hours through the room wizard and have priority over someone else coming to the room. As a student walks up to a room, there should be a small square box called a room wizard in which they can check the availability of the room. To reserve it on-demand they would simply click the  ‘Use Now’ button on the screen and can reserve for up to 2 hours.  
  • Room 3301 may only be used for collaborative group projects with a minimum of three students working in the space. The space is not intended for individual work and there is a 2 hour reservation restriction per group.
  • The spaces are designed for MBA teams. 
  • If you are an MBA student and your WisCard does not access the rooms, contact Lynn Snyder at in the EEMBA Programs Office for assistance.
  • Breakout room usage is monitored on a random basis.
  • The Wisconsin School of Business is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Please clean the whiteboard and room when finished.

Business Library Study Rooms
To utilize these rooms, please visit and on left side select Reserve a Room under the Services heading. Login with your Net ID and scroll over reservations, then select Reserve Library Study Group Room. Select the date, time and room. There are 7 rooms on the 2nd floor which have boards in them and 6 rooms on the 3rdfloor which computers/screens in them. 

Please note:
1)    Students may reserve study rooms no more than one week in advance.
2)    Study rooms may be reserved for no more than two hours. Depending on availability, a group may reserve a room for an additional two-hour period after their initial time has expired.
3)    A current UW-Madison ID is required when checking out a study room. Persons without a current UW-Madison ID may not use these rooms.
4)    Persons reserving a study room have 15 minutes following the reserved time to occupy the room. The room may be re-assigned after this time.
5)    Study rooms must be vacated 15 minutes prior to the library closing time.
6)    Study rooms are locked at all times and are only available for use during the hours the library is open.
7)    The rooms may only be used for purposes associated with the curriculum of the University.