Plan a trip to Madison for your interview schedule, or conduct videoconference/audio interviews from the comfort of your office. All of our services allow you to recruit in a very cost-effective manner and our staff is dedicated to maximizing your recruiting initiatives!

To set up a visit in BuckyNet, you'll need to log in to do the following:

Select the Date

Select the date of your interviews. Log in to BuckyNet and under "Quick Links" click on "Create Schedule Request." You will be notified by email when your request has been approved.

View the Recruiting Calendar

Employers are encouraged to refrain from scheduling first-round interviews at the BBA Interview Center on Fridays to avoid late interview cancellations due to second interviews. Please consult with an Employer Relations Team Member to customize a timeline that will maximize your recruiting experience on campus.

Employers are encouraged to conduct second-round interviews on Fridays. Fridays are generally lighter class days for many students and the adjacent weekend helps minimize missed class time.

Attach a Position

Provide students with information about the position(s) you are recruiting for and the qualifications you are seeking. Log in to your account and select "1 OCI schedule in need of position" in the "Alerts" section on your BuckyNet homepage.

Select Candidates

We use a preselect scheduling system. You may make one of the following selections for each candidate: Invited, Alternate, or Not Invited.

Log in to BuckyNet and select your candidates during the selection period dates associated with your schedule.

Plan Information Sessions

The Employer Relations Team coordinates the scheduling of Information Sessions. Request your Information Sessions through BuckyNet. Log in to the system and under "Quick Links" click on "Request an Employer Information Session."

Learn more about Information Sessions here