Request Parking

Recruiters in need of parking in the Grainger Hall Parking Garage (Lot #7 under Grainger Hall) must contact the Employer Relations team in advance of their arrival to campus to request a parking reservation.

Recruiters must make their reservation request with the Employer Relations team at least 2 WEEKS prior to your event date. Please provide your name, organization/company name, date, phone number, and email. We will then send you a confirmation email with instructions and a PIN number to enter at the automated gate. Advance permits are available only as full-day permits (no partial/half-day permits) and cost $12.

If your representative has not made an advanced reservation or if your company has additional parking needs, parking may be available the day of your visit at the Fluno Center for Executive Education's Lot 83, located two blocks east of Grainger Hall. Additional public hourly parking is also available in several locations near Grainger Hall, including Lot 46 and the Lake Street parking ramp. Click to see map.

In the advent that you don't have a reservation and are able to pull a ticket to enter Lot 7 please keep in mind that the following charges will apply upon exit:

  • $1 per 30 minutes for first 2 hours
  • $1 per hour thereafter
  • $12 daily max

Visit the University of Wisconsin-Madison Transportation website for more information about parking on campus.