Employers who come to campus to interview are able to raise the visibility of their organization while also demonstrating a commitment to hiring Wisconsin School of Business talent. Highly sought after due to their combination of exceptional functional knowledge, strong work ethic, leadership, and ability to work productively in teams, Wisconsin School of Business students are able to hit the ground running and contribute to their employers’ success quickly and notably. On-campus recruiting takes place during the fall and spring semesters (please reference our Recruitment Guide for important dates).

Interviewing accommodations at the Wisconsin School of Business are state-of-the-art and offer employers numerous options. More than 30 interview rooms allow companies flexibility, and our team is dedicated to maximizing your recruiting initiatives and creating a customized interview schedule that allows you to make the most of your visit!

Selecting Interview Dates

On-campus interviewing  at the Wisconsin School of Business begins with reserving your on-campus interview date. To select your date:

Log in to BuckyNet, and under “Quick Links” click on “Create Schedule Request.” Fill out the detailed information which will allow you to customize whether you would like a pre-select or open schedule, as well as the ideal length and structure of your interviews. You will be notified by email when your request has been approved. You will then be asked to post your position description(s) and follow the trigger dates to complete the pre-selection process.

TIP: Employers are encouraged to conduct second-round interviews on Fridays. Fridays are generally lighter class days for many students and the adjacent weekend helps minimize missed class time.

TIP: Employers are encouraged to refrain from scheduling first-round interviews on Fridays to avoid late interview cancellations due to second-round interviews. Please consult an On-Campus Recruitment and Experience team member to customize a timeline that will enhance your recruiting experience on campus.

Résumé Books

You can source candidates through electronic résumé books found on BuckyNet. Online résumé books are a great way to reach out to candidates to create awareness about an upcoming campus recruiting visit. Contact an Employer Relations team member for assistance in creating a custom made résumé book to meet your specific staffing needs.

Recruitment Calendar

Fall Semester 2017
First Day of Classes September 6
Resume Books Available September 11
Fall Career and Internship Fair September 19
On-Campus Interviews Start
September 25
Actuarial Science/RMI Career Fair October 5
Homecoming October 21
Thanksgiving Recess November 23-26
On-Campus Interview End December 1
Last Day of Classes December 13
Commencement December 17
Winter Recess December 22-January 22
Spring Semester 2018
Badger Business Job Shadow Program January 8-19
First Day of Classes January 23
On-Campus Interviews Start January 29
Spring Career and Internship Fair TBD (Early February)
Real Estate Career Fair February 12
Spring Recess March 24-April 1
On-Campus Interviews End April 27
Last Day of Classes May 4
Commencement Weekend May 11-12
Exams End May 11
IMAcc Internship Interviews May 14-15