Wisconsin BBA Badger Business Job Shadow Program ... A day in the life of a business professional

This one-day shadow experience occurring over winter break (January 8 – January 19, 2018) matches students with business professionals and alumni to gain insight to their career interests, based on an automated process in BuckyNet.

The program provides students the opportunity to network with professionals, investigate a career-field, clarify career goals and interests, and function within a work environment.

Increase your organization’s visibility among the brightest and most motivated Wisconsin School of Business students at a minimal cost to your companies (students are responsible for travel and lodging).

This program is integrated into the BuckyNet online recruiting system for companies to screen and rank all students for a successful match. Please download and refer to the 2017 - 2018  Wisconsin BBA Badger Business Job Shadow Program Employer Guide for further program details as well job shadow posting instructions.


August 25, 2017: Employer deadline for submission of Job Shadow information for inclusion in Fall Career & Internship Guide

September 22, 2017: Employer deadline for submission of Job Shadow information on BuckyNet

September 25 to September 29, 2017: BBA Employer Relations Team reviews all job shadow submissions

November 1 to November 17, 2017: Students submit resumes

November 20 to December 1, 2017: Employers review resumes and rank students

December 6, 2017:

  1. Employers will receive an e-mail instructing them to log into BuckyNet to find out the results of the automated matching
  2. Employers should begin contacting their matched student(s) to make arrangements for their Sophomore Job Shadow visit
  3. Employers will be reminded by BBA that they may not have been matched with all the students they offered to host

December 15, 2017: Deadline for employers to contact students with details of their sophomore job shadow

January 8 to January 19, 2018: Job shadow visits occur

January 29, 2018: Employer and students evaluations distributed electronically