Global industry relationships will enhance your job readiness and long-term career prospects.

International real estate education has long been a strategic priority for the real estate program at the Wisconsin School of Business. This priority permeates not only our teaching but also our interactions with the real estate industry.

Here are four examples of relationships that provide direct benefits to GREM students:

Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE)

AFIRE is the leading network of global real estate investors active in the U.S. market. Wisconsin faculty and students collaborate every year with AFIRE to produce its Foreign Investment Survey, a widely publicized overview of the opinions and strategies of foreign investors active in U.S. real estate markets. Our faculty and staff are active members, participating in conferences and networking events. Over the years, AFIRE members have proven to be a valuable resource for Wisconsin students and faculty, providing insight into the workings of the global real estate market, its main actors, its success stories and the lessons learned. AFIRE members interact with Wisconsin real estate students through campus visits and meetings on field trips within the U.S. and abroad.

Real Capital Analytics

Real Capital Analytics is a global research and consulting firm with offices in New York City, San Jose, The Hague and London. The firm's proprietary research is focused exclusively on the investment market for commercial real estate. In addition to collecting transactional information for current property sales and financings, Real Capital Analytics produces regular reports providing valuable insight on commercial real estate investment such as Global Capital TrendsT and US Capital Trends. GREM students have access to this information thanks to our partnership with RCAnalytics.


The Wisconsin Real Estate program has developed a unique partnership with Reed MIDEM, the organizer of premier international real estate events such as MIPIM, MIPIM Asia and MAPIC. Over the years, this partnership has yielded unique opportunities for faculty and students to participate in these events. Since 2009, Reed MIDEM retained the services of the Wisconsin faculty to organize a keynote lecture during MIPIM and MIPIM Asia and offered Wisconsin students the opportunity to participate at these events. Students gained valuable understanding from real estate projects around the world and learned lessons from public and private sector leaders engaged in the most varied aspects of the real estate industry.