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What Is the Global Real Estate Master (GREM) Program?

The Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has created a first-of-its-kind graduate degree in global real estate.

The GREM is structured as a double-degree program in two phases, including required graduate level study or graduation from an international business school — plus a 16-week capstone semester at the Wisconsin School of Business in Madison, Wisconsin in the United States. GREM is open to U.S. and international students who are interested in an internationally focused, graduate-level real estate learning experience.

  1. In the first phase of the GREM program, you must be currently enrolled or have recently completed a qualifying graduate level degree at an international school.
  2. In the second phase of the GREM program, you travel to Madison, Wisconsin in the U.S. for a semester at the Wisconsin School of Business from late August to December, including intensive classroom training and applied-learning opportunities in the United States.

Through the GREM program, you graduate with a Master of Science in global real estate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the leader in global real estate education.

To learn more, click on program.

Who is eligible to apply for admission to the GREM program?

Students enrolled in graduate level study at an international school or recent graduates (within 5 years) are immediately eligible to apply for the GREM.  Please note that all communication regarding the program and application materials must be in English.

Please go to Admissions for more information eligibility criteria.

What are the GMAT/GRE/TOEFL requirements?

GMAT/GRE/TOEFL are required for the GREM program. We can accept both the GMAT or GRE. Scores must have been obtained within 5 years of desired enrollment term. If they are older than 5 years, you will need to retake the exam. For example: a 660 score for the GMAT is considered competitive. We do not have a desired score range or benchmark.

If previous study has been completed predominantly in English, you may request a waiver of TOEFL scores.

Relatedly, all communication, application and instruction in the program is in English.

What is the professional work experience requirement?

There is no work requirement for those applying to the Global Real Estate Master program. We do require that you provide a updated resume or CV during the application process.

What is the Grade Point Average (GPA) requirement?

There is no minimum or maximum GPA requirement for the GREM program.

What are the application fees for the GREM program?

A non-refundable application fee of US $75 (international students will pay an additional $6 processing fee) is due upon submission payable via credit card during the online GREM application process.

What are the enrollment fees for the GREM program?

Upon acceptance into the GREM Program, you'll be required to submit a US $500 deposit to secure your participation. The deposit will be applied to your tuition balance. For other tuition costs and other fees, please see the Costs page on the website.

How Much Does the GREM Program Cost?

Tuition for the GREM semester is subject to change at any time. For this upcoming intake's tuition amount, please see Total Estimated Cost of Attendance, click here.

Will I need a U.S. VISA?

If you are not a United States Citizen, you will most likely need a Visa to study in the United States. Most international students are admitted under the status of F-1, full time student visa category. Students on F-1 visa must carry a full-time course load. Only under special circumstances, and where a unique situation may warrant, might an alternative visa status be utilized. For more information on F-1 status, click here.

Please contact your country's consulate for more information. For more information provided by our International Student Services Office, please visit the University of Wisconsin's International Student Services website.

Can I bring my spouse and children?

Yes. Spouse or children traveling with a student on F-1 visa will need an F-2 visa. Please be aware that F-2 dependents cannot, under any circumstances, be employed in the US. If asked, be prepared to address what your spouse intends to do with his or her time while in the US. Volunteer work and taking recreational classes are permitted activities. Documentation of additional financial resources to support dependants will be necessary.

Please check with your country's consulate prior to enrolling. For more information provided by our University, please visit the dependents section at University of Wisconsin's International Student Services website.

Where Do I Live While Studying for the GREM?

For information about on-campus housing, visit the University Housing website. The University Apartments community serves graduate students, student families, academic staff, and faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

For off-campus housing, contact the Campus Information & Visitor Center (CIVC). More information may also be found at the International Student Services website.

What opportunities for financial aid are offered?

Scholarships may be available. Please indicate your interest during the application process.

What Semester/Term Is Open for Admission?

There is a single intake of GREM students for the fall semester ONLY (August through December) each year.

Is the GREM offered as a part-time program?

No. At this time, there is no part-time offering of the GREM.

Is the GREM offered online?

No. At this time, GREM is not available to complete online.

How do I apply for the GREM?

Please fill out our Contact form at the GREM website. GREM administrators will contact the appropriate partner school to determine eligibility including good academic standing of the student. Eligible students will be contacted by a GREM Administrator. Please note that all communication and application materials for the program must be in English.

Are There Any GREM Requirements, Other Than One Semester of Study in Madison?

To help ensure your success in completing the GREM and applying your knowledge in practice, we have incorporated several additional activities beyond the semester of study at the Wisconsin School of Business.

  1. All students accepted into the GREM must complete an introductory real estate finance course as a basic foundation for study. This course is completed online during the summer prior to the Fall semester. The cost for this course is $1020.00 USD.
  2. A one-week orientation session in Madison prior to the start of the Fall semester will introduce students to the faculty, facilities, academic tools, and resources available through the university.
  3. A study tour to a major real estate market in the United States will introduce students to real estate professional practice.

For more information, visit the program section of the website.