MS/MAcc Programs

The Wisconsin School of Business capitalizes on its global preeminence in the fields of accounting, finance, and real estate to offer finely tailored graduate professional degrees. In turn, our graduates leverage that expertise into career-launching credentials.

Our newest offering is the Global Real Estate Master (GREM), a unique program through which the Wisconsin School of Business partners with the top business schools in South America, Asia, and Europe, respectively, to mold the next leaders in international real estate.

Wisconsin MS/MAcc graduates go on to careers in their chosen fields. Career Services offers students comprehensive career development, including advising and placement support, through the Business Career Center in conjunction with respective academic departments.

MS Programs

Wisconsin offers two unique MS degrees that take advantage of strong program and faculty excellence in the areas of Global Real Estate and Finance.

GREM: Global Real Estate Master (MS)

The Global Real Estate Master (GREM), the first of its kind, harnesses the expertise of three of the world’s foremost business schools to Wisconsin’s mastery of international real estate principles. GREM graduates thus earn two separate degrees and become part of two uniquely powerful alumni networks from two separate institutions.

Wisconsin MS in Finance: Applied Security Analysis

The Wisconsin MS in Finance is a two-year graduate degree designed to prepare students for a career in investment research and portfolio management. The program is only available to Finance BBA students at the Wisconsin School of Business, and involves one incremental year beyond the BBA requirements.

MAcc Programs

The Master of Accountancy (MAcc) programs at the Wisconsin School of Business are for students committed to the field of finance. Our programs develop the technical and professional accounting skills needed to sit for the CPA exam successfully. We offer two options:

GMAcc: Graduate Master of Accountancy (MAcc)

The Graduate Master of Accountancy (GMAcc) is a two-year graduate degree for the student with limited or no accounting background.

IMAcc: Integrated Master of Accountancy (MAcc)

The Integrated Master of Accountancy (IMAcc) is appropriate for students completing an accounting major at the Wisconsin School of Business, corresponding to a fifth year of undergraduate work.