David Smith

David Smith

Junior, Risk Management and Insurance, Real Estate, and Environmental Studies Certificate
Hometown - Port Edwards, WI
Paris, France - Spring 2019

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Lucia Anderson

Lucia Anderson

Junior, Marketing
Hometown - Minneapolis, MN
Hong Kong - Spring 2019

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Rome Rauter

Rome Rauter

Senior, International Business and Information Systems
Hometown - Osseo, WI
Vienna, Austria - Spring 2019

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David Smith
Before I Go Across the Pond
by: David SmithFriday, January 25, 2019

Before I Go Across the Pond… When I was in high school, I looked myself up on and realized with shock that there are over 34,000 David Smiths in the United States. Ever since, I... Read More

Morgan's headshot
Public Transportation
by: Morgan JamesonMonday, April 16, 2018

On campus at UW, my daily commute to Grainger Hall takes takes 10 minutes by foot. In the middle of a harsh Wisconsin winter, it seems like the longest trek ever! Before studying abroad, my only... Read More

Joe Paul
Time Flies When You're Traveling Asia
by: Joe PaulMonday, November 13, 2017

Hi Friends! Before departing for Thailand, many people gave me advice to keep in mind during my exchange. More than once, I was told by friends and family that time would fly by…and boy were... Read More

Joe Paul

Hi Friends!  Life in Bangkok has suddenly gotten very busy! Between three group projects and our first round of midterms, I have been focused on academics as of late with little time to go on... Read More