Nicholas Kizewski

Nicholas Kizewski
Senior (5th year), BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISYE) and the Business Certificate

Hometown: Wisconsin Rapids, WI
Country: Barcelona, Spain - Summer 2019

David Smith

David Smith
Junior, Risk Management and Insurance, Real Estate, and Environmental Studies Certificate

Hometown: Port Edwards, WI
Country: Paris, France - Spring 2019

Lucia Anderson

Lucia Anderson
Junior, Marketing

Hometown: Minneapolis, MN
Country: Hong Kong - Spring 2019

Rome Rauter

Rome Rauter
Senior, International Business and Information Systems

Hometown: Osseo, WI
Country: Vienna, Austria - Spring 2019

Recent Blog Posts

¡Vamos a la Playa!

July 11, 2019

One of my favorite activities in Barcelona is by far going to the beach! If you haven’t already heard the song “Vamos a la Playa”, queue it up right now for some warm and sunny …

And that's a Wrap

July 10, 2019

10 Days Prior to Departure I’m not sure if it was the expiration date of my study abroad experience looming over my head, but I was really soaking up my final weeks in Hong Kong. …

Airbnb or Hostel?

July 10, 2019

While studying in Europe this summer, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to travel to both France and Germany. Last month, I visited both Nice, France and Berlin, Germany! Both were amazing experiences but also came …

My Visit to the Doctor’s Office

July 3, 2019

Last week I got the news that no one wants to receive while studying abroad: I had contracted a sinus infection here in Spain. In all honesty, the reasons for me becoming ill are probably …

Post-Study Abroad

July 3, 2019

Bonjour! It has been a while since I’ve checked in. During the crunch time of my finals stretch in Paris, I accidentally dumped a glass of water on my computer. This kicked off a constant …

The Deceptive Art of Pick-pocketing in Barca

July 2, 2019

If you can’t tell from the title of my post, my phone was pick-pocketed within one week of arriving in Spain. ?? I was walking home from the club with a friend on a Saturday …

¡Hola y Bienvenido a Barcelona!

June 6, 2019

My name is Nicholas Kizewski and I am  the Business Badgers Abroad Blogger for the summer and will be studying in Barcelona, España for the next two months! While here, I will be taking classes …

That Time I Took a Solo Trip

June 5, 2019

At the beginning of this semester I most definitely didn’t plan on taking any solo trips. I was open to going (almost) anywhere since I’d never traveled to Asia. But, turns out, schedules don’t always …

Slow Down Study Abroad! -- Making Every Moment Count

May 16, 2019

I am currently writing this post on Thursday, May 16th. Which means, I leave Vienna in less than a month. My time here has been beyond amazing. At the same time, I feel like I …