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Rome Rauter

Slow Down Study Abroad! -- Making Every Moment Count

by Rome Rauter Thursday, May 16, 2019

I am currently writing this post on Thursday, May 16th. Which means, I leave Vienna in less than a month. My time here has been beyond amazing. At the same time, I feel like I have blinked my way to the end of the semester.

Study Abroad, or Exchange as everyone calls it in Vienna, is a very small version of college. You have the beginning chapter where you move in and make friends, and the end of college where everyone is finishing up and going their separate ways. Instead of four years, this is compacted into one single semester.

A very good friend of mine explained to me: A moment of time would be worthless if it could last forever.

I think he is completely right. Because of the fact that we are all here for such a short time, it causes everyone to have a different outlook on friendships and generally on life while abroad. It seems to be a sort of “Exchange Mindset” where all time is precious-every talk, every cup of coffee with a friend, and every day is so important to you. Everyday you wake up is a gift, and it’s up to you to make the most of it. If there is one thing I take back home to Wisconsin, I want it to be this “Exchange Mindset” applied to my real life.

Now, you may already have this mindset, so if so that is absolutely wonderful! But I do know personally, I found myself wishing time away too often back home.

My goal is to go home remembering all time is important - not just in Vienna, but also at the University of Wisconsin, and in life beyond. Every cup of coffee with a friend, every dinner with your parents, and every greeting on the street- because you don’t know how many more you will have.

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Streets of Istanbul.

Exploring the streets of Istanbul, Turkey with my roommate

Dinner with friends

Make every dinner count!

Vienna Museum of Natural History

Exploring the Vienna Museum of Natural History with some good friends

Marienplatz, Munich

Marienplatz, Munich with more good friends

Berlin, Germany 

United Nations, Vienna Office

Hallstatt, Austria 

Berlin, Germany

 United Nations office in Vienna

Overlooking Hallstatt, Austria