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My three favorite places in Copenhagen

by Tommy Clark Wednesday, May 16, 2018

As I approach the end of my semester abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, I wish to reflect on the places that are now meaningful to me. I have chosen three places that are unique and slightly off the beaten path.

The Black Diamond is the colloquial name for the Royal Danish Library. This is my favorite place in Copenhagen. Its open-concept design is classic Scandinavian. The floor to ceiling windows rise several floors up and overlook the Kobenhavns Havn (canal). Studying here is always an absolute treat.

The Black Diamond

(The Black Diamond)

Five rubber mesh trampolines placed in the ground are the best place in the city to for some child-like fun. My form has improved greatly and I am ready for the Olympic trials. This is sole reason I downloaded the boomerang app on my phone.

Tommy bouncing on a trampoline

(The trampolines near Nyhavn)

Finally, Frederiksberg Have (Frederiksberg Garden) is a park west of the city center. As the weather has warmed up, this has become my favorite place to go for walks and enjoy nature. The garden houses the Frederiksberg Palace and a stray cat that always sits underneath a certain park bench.

Bridge at Frederikberg Have

(Frederikberg Have)

As you stay in a city for a longer period of time, the touristy sites become less interesting. The most memorable places tend not to be in the guidebook.