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"Never, Never Give Up"

by Tommy Clark Friday, April 13, 2018

At the beginning of March, I went to London, UK to visit my friend Matt. I had been to London just shy of a year earlier, so we spent the weekend seeking out the less touristy things. Wembley Stadium hosted us for a “football match” where we saw the Tottenham Spurs trounce Huddersfield. Matt and I are gear heads, so we spent some awe inspired hours at the Ferrari exhibit at the London Design Museum. Finally, we visited the Churchill War Rooms where Winston Churchill and his cabinet created the British military strategy during World War II.

A small bright antique green car

A small red antique car

Two old fashioned cars
Ferrarri Exhibit at the London Design Museum

The rooms were where the leaders of Britain took cover from the bombs of the Nazi Luftwaffe. Located underneath the Treasury Building, the rooms were never discovered by the Nazis and never jeopardized by the terror that destroyed much of London and took approximately 43,000 lives. The quarters were cramped. Several times it was mentioned they lacked running water toilets and reminded us that the air during the war was often filled with the dense smoke of Churchill’s cigar and the stench of a leaders and their aids working non-stop for days at time. This was a truly rich example of what it meant to continue living and battling on the edge of destruction and defeat. Ever since I was young, I have had a paper weight on my desk inscribed with a quote from Winston Churchill which says “Never, never, never give up.” These words are truer and more powerful to me now that I have seen the uncertainty faced by the man that uttered them. I left the War Rooms overwhelmed by one man’s ability to lead.