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Calling Milano Home

by Morgan Jameson Monday, April 9, 2018

I just passed the halfway point of my time in Italy and Milan has become my second home. After traveling for a few weeks, I am back in Milan and I don’t want to leave!

The thought of my program approaching an end makes me sad. The Bocconi exchange program has a later start and finish date than other programs,  for which I am very grateful. The weather is fantastic– sunny and 60s– Spring has sprung. In Navigli, my neighborhood, the canals are filled and boats travel among them daily. Farmer’s Markets line the walkways on weekends, and cafes and bars have opened up their windows to let the sunshine in.

I may be biased… but Italy rocks; and Italy in the springtime is even better.

A closeup of pink spring flowers on a cherry tree

Spring Break

This week, I was on Spring break! Spring break is coordinated with Midterms at Bocconi which is great, because depending on your exam schedule you may have a few extra days of freetime. My scheduled worked out very well and I had 3 bonus days added to my break when my parents visited.

When they were in Milan, I made sure to share a few of my favorite things with them. These included my favorite Aperitivo spot Mayflower, enjoying a view of the Duomo Aperol Terrace, and gnocchi at a fantastic hole-in-the-wall, Ristorante Da Oscar.

We also toured the Duomo, the Milan Cathedral. Our tour included access to the roof and ability to walk to the top terrace and overlook the city of Milan. Having the chance to be up close and personal with the numerous gothic gargoyles was fun, and it was so cool to to see my city from a new perspective. We usually adore the Cathedral by looking up at it from below, but the view from it was even better. The cathedral was beautiful inside and out. My tip– purchase tickets online in advance in order to skip the line of 200+ people.

A close up of the roof architecture of the Duomo in Milan
The Duomo's rooftop

A rooftop view of the city of Milan
View from the top!

Travel Throughout Italy

Milan is an incredible central hub and excellent home base for traveling. With three great airports and Milano Centrale train station, you can get around Italy and around the world almost whenever you’d like.

To capitalize on this ease of travel, we took a train southbound to Cinque Terre which is a string of five incredible cities on the coast of Italy in the Ligurian Sea. The five towns, Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Riomaggiore are all incredible and each have a very unique personality. We stayed in Vernazza but hiked our way through the steep inclines to see all of the terrain this part of Italy has to offer. We made sure to cross off all “6 Foods to Eat in Cinque Terre” including a seafood cone of fried squid and anchovies and of course, gelato!

Pink and peach houses on a cliffside

Pink and peach houses sitting on a cliffside

Thus far, I have traveled to several cities in Italy including Florence and Genova. Everywhere has amazed me, but as an avid beach lover and nature enthusiast– Cinque Terre has tmoved to the top of my favorites list.  This string of cities may even rival the popular Amalfi coast!

A prickly pear cactus

Aloe vera plant on a hillside
Beautiful flora e fauna in Vernazza

A rock emerging from the ocean waters

We flew to Dublin and enjoyed the Irish culture for a few days and I ended my Spring Break with a visit to London to visit a few fellow Badgers studying at Westminster. This action packed few weeks was great; but I am happy to be back. I have a few more trips planned for the remainder of my time– but, as it dwindles, I look forward to being back in my familiar stomping grounds.