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School Update

by Morgan Jameson Monday, March 12, 2018

After two weeks of class I have gained an understanding of the academic life and a grasp on my course load for the semester. My professors are incredible and all have amazing experiences and knowledge to expand upon in their lectures. Not living in the dorms, I initially felt at a disadvantage to meet friends– but class has been a fantastic way to connect with other students from around the world. I have met people from Amsterdam to Brazil, from Singapore to the southernmost parts of Italy.

A sign reading Universita de Bocconi

Within these weeks I have noted a few main differences from UW Madison:


Scheduling for classes was so different than at UW. The system was different and they base everything on exam times. You must pick courses that have exams at different times– there is no flexibility with this. While seeking out courses, there is usually just one time slot per course in English, so this was a challenge. Courses filled up faster than anticipated and I wasn’t able to get into exactly what I initially planned for – but it ended up working out. I am taking 4 courses equating to 12 UW credits; which should be manageable. My last final is on the 18th of May which allows me to get home to the states with 5 days before my summer internship begins.

View of a large brick building

Campus and Class Size

Bocconi is so small compared to UW! Freshman year at Madison, it was rare to see people in many classes. Thankfully, the business school changes that and I know a lot of people in all of my classes. Here at Bocconi, I have the same courses with the same people more than anticipated. This is great for group projects and creating friendships with other students.

View of inside the unversity

Class sizes vary. Two of mine are about 20 students and the other two are probably around 100. Either size works for the class and I really enjoy it!

Overall, class is going well and I am excited to officially consider myself an international student.

Images courtesy of Bocconi University website.