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Tommy Clark Headshot

Beginning My Copenhagen Adventure

by Tommy Clark Friday, January 26, 2018

My name is Tommy Clark. I am a junior studying Operations & Technology Management with a specialization in Supply Chain Management at the Wisconsin School of Business. Well at least I was for the last two and half years, but this semester is a little different. This spring, I am studying abroad at the Copenhagen Business School in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Tommy and the other members of Delta Sigma Pi posing for a group photo in business attire
Delta Sigma Pi following initiation celebration

I am originally from Edina, Minnesota. Since attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I have participated in extracurricular activities such as the Alexander Hamilton Society, the Undergraduate Business Council, the All Ways Forward Campaign and have been most involved with the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity. I recently finished my second semester-term as President of Delta Sigma Pi. I spent last summer as a supply chain intern for Cargill Salt and will return again this summer. I also enjoy playing golf, reading fiction, kayaking and fishing.

Last year, I was a part of a supply chain class that goes abroad over spring break. After spending the semester learning about the oil and gas industry, eight students and I departed for Stavanger, Norway for seven days and then to London, UK for two days visiting companies in the oil and gas industry supply chain. The trip gave me a glimpse of the societal and business culture in Scandinavia and sparked an interest to learn more. As I did more research on the region as a whole, which includes Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, I became captivated with Copenhagen. Once, Copenhagen was the capital of the combined kingdom of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. According to the United Nations World Happiness Report, Denmark is the happiest country in the world. Additionally, it is known for its modern and sustainable design. Copenhagen has a lot to offer. It played a historically significant role, but also drives cutting edge innovation, especially in commerce. I am excited to spend the semester in Copenhagen exploring the dichotomy of its past and future.

Tommy and other supply chain students in yellow safety jackets at a site in Norway
Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management students visiting the Ullrigg training facility in Stavanger, Norway

While abroad, I expect to face ambiguity. Living in a different country promises to bring challenges I cannot start to imagine. I look forward to facing those difficulties as they come. I want to learn more of Danish and greater European culture and expand my skills of cultural communication, which bode to be necessary in this age of globalization. I see this adventure as a stepping stone to my personal development. Like any business badger, I hope to one day be a global leader. This experience is a start in learning how better understand the world and shape its future.