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A headshot of Erin

They Make It Look Easy!

by Erin Cram Monday, January 22, 2018

Hey, everyone! My name is Erin and I am originally from Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I am a junior studying human resources and international business. After growing up with an obsession with all things French, I’ve decided to take on a new journey, spice up my education, and do my spring semester in Paris, France. Paris is such a diverse and unique city filled with such amazing food, architecture, and people. I cannot wait to practice my French, meet new friends from all over the world, and just grow as a human being in general.

A collage of images associated with Paris, like the Eiffel tower, metro
I spent all semester working on this vision board of all of the places I hope to go! 

With that being said, I am astonished how much growth this study abroad experience has already provided me with. In the past, I’ve heard so many people come back from studying abroad talking about what an amazing challenge it was. Not a single one of them mentioned the adventure that is the semester before going abroad. They make it seem easy! I’ve gained so much responsibility and cultural competency by taking a study abroad class, figuring out visa forms, planning flights and classes, and understanding budgeting, safety, and beyond! While at times it was a little overwhelming, I am so thankful to have had such awesome support from International Programs and past study abroad participants. The growth I have already had before even stepping foot outside the country has only made me that much more excited to continue that while abroad. I have gained so much more confidence in myself.

A golden keychain of the Eiffel tower
A little memory from my last trip to Paris. I can’t wait to leave Paris feeling like a local rather than a tourist. 

Throughout the semester, I am lucky enough to be able to share with you all the kind of growth opportunities I will have along with the fun experiences and journeys I plan to embark on. I promise to be honest in my writing and I am so excited to share my semester abroad with all of you!