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Joe Paul

Goodbye Nonsi, Hello World!

by Joe Paul Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Though I still have a month in Asia before returning home, this week marks one of my hardest goodbyes to date. I have officially moved out of my apartment at Nonsi Residence.

Nonsi is located in the small neighborhood of Chong Nonsi, right at the edge of the heart of downtown. It’s a 10 minute walk to the subway, 7/11, and a stone’s throw from some amazing street food vendors. While the location might be quiet, the atmosphere in Nonsi is anything but. We have a small gym, pool, and even a little restaurant in the garage! About 150 exchange students live here each semester, so it feels like a little microcosm of the world. It’s a very social place always buzzing with energy. It’s impossible to feel bored here; you can always find someone who wants to do something everyday!

Nonsi gave me a home in one of the craziest places on earth, it was a place where I always felt grounded, welcomed, and loved. We often air our grievances, but we always end such complaints with “…but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.” And we all really mean it, it is an amazing gift to have everyone live together under one roof.

To students bound for Thailand on their own exchange, I highly recommend Nonsi Residence.

Students in formal uniform on the edge of a pool
It’s tradition for each exchange semester to jump in the pool in uniform!

While saying farewell to the actual building might be relatively easy, saying goodbye to my friends is not. These people have shaped my entire experience here in Bangkok. From friendly competitions, to lazy days at the pool, trips across Asia, and studying together for hours on end, I have a hard time imagining a better group of people to have spent my time with. I was amazed to make just as many lifelong memories here at Nonsi as I did during my travels.

Joe and friends in formal uniforms in the pool, a close up of faces
Hoping our uniforms dry out before final exams!!

While goodbyes are hard under any circumstance, I find comfort in the fact that I now have homes where I will always be welcomed from Sweden, to Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Canada, Thailand, New York, and the West Coast.

It’s been a fantastic semester, and I am happy to have been able to share a small taste of Asia with you. To those considering travel in this part of the world, please feel free to track me down with any questions you might have! I doubt I will ever get bored of sharing things I have learned about this corner our planet anytime soon.

The next time you’ll be hearing from will be when I’m back in the U.S!

Safe travels this holiday season,