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Lexi Burns

My Tropical Trip to Croatia

by Lexi Burns Wednesday, November 15, 2017

One of my favorite weekend trips was traveling to Split, Croatia. Before this trip, I did not know much about Croatia, but now I love it. Split is such a splendid city! It’s a small Mediterranean city that I could easily walk around and see everything in one weekend. Split is the 2nd largest city in Croatia and it is a port city, so there are luxurious cruise ships and boats stationed at the dock. The climate is tropical and the city is full of palm trees, which is my type of place!
Apartments in Split
View of Split

Orange rooftops of split
The rooftops of Split\

My favorite part of the trip was climbing to the top of the bell tower and seeing beautiful views of Croatia. To get to the top of the bell tower, there were a lot of stairs, it was super windy, and it was very high up; however, the view made it all worth it. Between the mountains, sea, and the orange rooftops of Croatian houses - the view was truly magnificent. Right next to the bell tower is Diocletian’s Palace, which was built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian in 305 AD. The Roman ruins that make up the palace also continue throughout the heart of the city as bars, shops, and restaurants, which is why the scenery is so cool.

Rooftops of Split with a sandy beach and turquoise water
The view from above

I loved visiting Krka National Park. I took an hour-long bus ride and then I walked through the park to see the waterfalls. I would highly recommend visiting this park to relax and swim on a hot summer day. It amazed me to see the beauty of the plants, trees, water, and the rest of nature. I loved being outdoors and being immersed in the stunningly beautiful emerald water. I truly loved my visit. In the future, I’m excited to go back to Croatia and see the #1 city there – the home of Game of Thrones –  Dubrovnik, Croatia.  

Waterfalls of Krk


‚ÄčThe waterfalls in Krka National park