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Tze Ching Ooi

Looking Back on Summer in Copenhagen

by Tze Ching Ooi Friday, August 25, 2017

My exchange program has come to an end. I left Copenhagen last weekend, knowing I’ll miss my friends and the city very much.

I grew a lot personally through this exchange. The opportunity to meet friends from all around the world and travel to different places really widened my worldview. Because of our different backgrounds, conversations were always interesting. With a bit of patience, we can all understand each other despite our different accents and cultures.

I learned the most from working with my international peers and Danish classmates in and outside of my classes. Travelling, studying and having fun together fostered close friendships among us. When I encountered difficult situations, I was thankful to have a group of good friends with me to help me out.

Fun with friends that I won't forget

Copenhagen is my favorite city to live in now. I know I’ll miss the 24-hour uncrowded metro and fresh air here. I found the Danish people to be helpful and liberal, and there are so many events happening around the city, especially in the summer, such as music festivals and food trucks by the beach.

Six weeks in Copenhagen flew by in the blink of an eye. I recall my first week there when I felt that six weeks was going to be a long way to go. I would not trade this experience for anything.

Goodbye, Copenhagen

Skal! ("Cheers" in Danish)

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