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Brianna Billingsley

My Experience at the Barcelona Chocolate Museum

by Brianna Billingsley Monday, August 7, 2017

Hola a todos! This summer I am a marketing intern for the Barcelona Chocolate Museum. This museum appeals to primary schools, tourists, and chocolate lovers alike! As soon as you enter the museum, the first thing you smell is chocolate. But the museum has so much to offer other than its amazingly sweet scent. Visitors can take a tour of part of the museum where they can see figurines made of chocolate. The museum hosts workshops in which participants can make their own chocolate lollipops and chocolate bars - how yummy! When visitors are done with all of these activities, they can buy souvenirs for themselves or loved ones, such as chocolate bars, other chocolate treats, key chains, umbrellas, coffee mugs, and much more.

I made these delicious chocolate lollipops myself!

My job at the Barcelona Chocolate Museum is to study the museum's social media accounts, especially Twitter, to figure out why the customers aren’t interacting with the museum and to improve their social media content. For example, during the first few weeks at the museum, I took pictures and Boomerangs to show off the museum’s merchandise and published them on Twitter. However, customers are still not interacting with the museum very much on Twitter. Last week, I figured that the customers wanted more exciting posts, so I started a contest for our Twitter followers. I posted of a picture of a box of chocolates (with the lid on, of course) and our followers had to guess how many chocolates (bombones) were in the box. There were a few participants but the contest wasn’t as bit of a hit with the followers as I thought it would be. Back to the drawing board! This week, I am searching through profiles of our followers to understand what type of content they typically retweet. Hopefully this will give me an idea about what I should do next! ¡Espero que me vaya bien! (I hope that it goes well for me!)

A cup of hot chocolate that is sold at the Barcelona Chocolate Museum