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Sydney Farmer

Labor Day in May

by Sydney Farmer Monday, May 8, 2017

This week I pushed my way through the masses onto a high-speed train again, this time on my way to Yantai for Labor Day break—which means we had Monday-Friday off school. (Don’t worry, my school is making up for it by having classes on Saturday and Sunday.) I even managed to quickly grab my favorite Starbucks drink, a mango soymilk Frappuccino, before we departed. It may have been my third one of the week, but who’s counting? Yantai was around 80 degrees and even though I packed shorts, I opted for jeans instead to avoid excessive staring. (Shorts are very uncommon in China.) As it turns out, April showers did bring May flowers, and I was able to see tulips in full bloom. I also passed a grand total of seven wedding processions throughout the day. May 1st is an extremely common day to get married because of the holiday and the comfortable spring weather. I already miss the fresh air and sea breeze, as the pollution index in Beijing is 894 today (anything above 300 is considered extremely hazardous to health). Thankfully, I have many cherries left over from my trip to a cherry orchard to remind me of my wonderful vacation.

Endless Tulips in Yantai

Pollution Index in Beijing

Ready for the 6 hour train ride!

Scarfing down cherries