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Petar Djordjevic

Thailand: Come for the Food, Stay for the Food

by Petar Djordjevic Thursday, April 13, 2017

One thing I was most excited about before coming to Thailand was the food. With my love of pad thai, spring rolls (of Vietnamese origin which I learned here), and all things spicy, I was eager to try all the foods my new country of residence had to offer. I love trying new foods and have always had a love for all types of ethnic food so I was open to trying anything here. 

Shrimp pad thai at the best pad thai restaurant in bangkok, Thip Samai

Green curry pork with a side of roti

There have been some standouts that I will come to miss when I come home. The curry dishes are phenomenal. Curry is found in a lot of dishes throughout several Asian countries, each one using it in a different way. Tom yum soup, a spicy sour soup that’s flavored by prik pao which is a Thai chili paste and is usually served with shrimp, is quite delicious as well. When I’m in the mood for something healthier, I go for som tum or papaya salad, a fresh often spicy salad that is made with a few tablespoons of fish sauce, which I couldn’t even tell when I first tried it. In addition, I’ve come to enjoy the stir fries, kai med ma muang (chicken with cashew nuts), glass noodles, fried rice, and of course, pad thai.

Som tum (papaya salad)

On the sweeter side of things, fruit is quite prevalent in almost all desserts I’ve had. Mango sticky rice is a standard, especially now that mangoes are in season. The smoothies from street vendors are so fresh and affordable it would be insane not to buy one every day. Even people who don’t like coconut, like myself, will still appreciate coconut ice cream. A creamy, not overly sweet dessert usually served in a coconut (at least try it for the novelty factor). Finally, I make sure to always get roti when I can, a pan-fried bread with Muslim origins that is served with traditional sweet crème or with banana and Nutella which is my go to flavor.

Mango smoothie on a beach. Can it get more Thailand than this?

Coconut ice cream

Banana and chocolate roti

If reading this post made your mouth water and stomach rumble, just know that I only scratched the surface of Thai cuisine. Plus, I haven’t talked about the abundance of other Asian cuisines found throughout Bangkok and Thailand. So, to close, Thailand: come for the food, stay for the food.