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Kristin Fisher

A Look Back on Studying Abroad

by Kristin Fisher Wednesday, January 11, 2017

It’s surreal to be moved back into my house in Madison after the excitement of my fall semester in Vienna. Of course I’m happy to be back and getting back to the old grind is inevitable, but I’m sure my mind will wander now and then to my study abroad days in Austria. In fact, that might be the only thing that will keep me sane as I return to school and my jobs.

Because I accumulated such great photos over the four months I was in Vienna, I’ve decided to let them sum up my story of studying abroad. Here’s a countdown of my top 5 experiences while studying abroad through photos.


5. Oktoberfest in Munich


Oktoberfest is one of those events that is worth it for any person to experience once in their lifetime. The grounds are almost chaotic with all the people, food, carnival rides, and live bands blasting music, heavy on the tuba.


4. Prague


My weekend in Prague was more than I expected. The beautiful, ancient city is filled with dazzling sights, like the John Lennon Wall, their copious, but intricate bridges, and the Petrín Tower. I would certainly recommend a trip to this gem of a city.


3. Schönbrunn Palace (and Gardens)


Easily one of my favorite spots in Vienna, the gardens surrounding the palace were just as beautiful as the inside. In summer and fall, there’s flowers in full bloom and vines aplenty, but with winter comes the Christmas market with twinkling lights and the smell of Glühwein in the air.


2. Day Trip to Hallstatt


Yet another surprising city that quickly became one of my favorites, Hallstatt was a living fairytale with houses of all color built into the mountainside and snow-capped peaks everywhere you look. It’s the kind of place that reminds you just how remarkable the world can be.

1. The Sound of Music and Friends

Salzburg has so much more to offer than what is shown in The Sound of Music, and it’s a place where I forged some lasting friendships. The hills were alive with so much more than music. There was a magic in the landscape that brought us together.

In closing, when every student who has studied abroad says that studying abroad is the best experience you could ever have, this is 100% true. Such a simple statement as that cannot explain how rewarding such a program is, and it’s one that you just have to go through yourself. Take the leap and begin the best time of your life.

Signing off and wishing you well,