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Monica Banasikowski

What will you remember from your experience abroad?

by Monica Banasikowski Friday, December 23, 2016

As I sit in the airplane about to fly home, I can’t help but reflect on some of my favorite memories from this semester. I’ve traveled to many places, met new friends from all over Europe, and experienced Spanish culture like a local. In this final blog I will share a one sentence reflection about each of the places I had the joy of visiting during my semester overseas.

Portugal was like a quaint, exotic, calm Spain. It had beautiful blue-tiled buildings, intense accents, and delicious chocolate mousse.

In Ireland the cliffs overlooking endless sea, the mules roaming in the small villages, and the green rolling hills took my breath away.

Toulouse, France gave me a glimpse of the French culture. The efficient way of life, the beautiful churches, and the nutella crepe stands were all memorable.

Mallorca, Spain was an island filled with unique architecture, a plethora of palm trees, yachts that were bigger than most houses i’ve ever seen, and the sparkling translucent blue ocean.

Rome, Italy showed me how incredible a city can be when you combine a fruitful history with a passionate culture.

Montreux, Switzerland allowed me to wake up on Lake Geneva to both the French and Swiss Alps at sunrise, hike for hours, and enjoy one of the most impressive Christmas Markets in Europe.

I ate the tastiest gyros in Athens, Greece while subsequently seeing just as impressive ancient ruins dedicated to the Greek Gods.

Madrid, Spain gave me a new home to come back to, new friends to visit in Europe, and memories to last a lifetime. The delicious paella, ham sandwiches, cobblestone buildings, art museums, grand palaces, botanical gardens, reggaeton music, and melting pot of european cultures will all be dearly missed.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about my experience abroad. Thanks for following along! Adios.