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Monica Banasikowski

Day Trips Plane Trips

by Monica Banasikowski Monday, October 24, 2016

One of the cool things about Europe is that you can get anywhere for very cheap. Airlines like RyanAir and EasyJet offer low-cost flights to various large cities around Western Europe. This allows people like me (cost saving student) to travel while abroad!

While I have taken a few longer lasting trips to destinations like Ireland and Italy, I have also taken some day trips. These aren’t day trips to a small town outside of Madrid, though. On the Tuesdays that I didn’t have class, I took trips with 2 friends from Canada to fly to Mallorca and Toulouse for 20 euros round-trip each.

Fountain and ocean view from the top of a hill in Mallorca

We got lucky and watched the sunset over the water before we caught our plane home!

Mallorca is an island right off the east coast of Spain. It is near Ibiza, Valencia, and Barcelona. Being an island, the ocean was something I missed seeing as I worked in Fort Lauderdale the past two summers. Boy, was Mallorca beautiful! We took a flight in at 7AM, and returned by plane at 9PM. One thing you learn while abroad, you get really good at seeing cities efficiently. A day is enough for cities like these. We got cappuccinos, saw a beautiful cathedral, walked down a yacht boardwalk, and most importantly found the nearest beach. We weren’t planning on swimming, but we ended up buying swimsuits and jumping in the crisp water.

Average morning coffee on the Spanish island of Mallorca

Beautiful Cathedral in Mallorca, Spain

When we went to Toulouse, France, our first objective was to get fresh crepes. After taking an early flight in, we got breakfast, which consisted of fresh baguettes, an omelet, and coffee. Toulouse was an adorable French town with beautiful churches, urban parks, food stands, and a river that runs through it. It was a city I knew I probably would never visit on a vacation, so it paid off to see it. Normally, when you go to Europe for a few weeks on vacation- you go to Paris, London, Oslo… not Toulouse!

Lively and quaint city squares in Toulouse, France!

The main river that runs through Toulouse, France

 The experiences I obtained for 20 euros each were memorable and joyful. The day trips while abroad are one of my favorite past times. You see the underrated places of Europe and create lasting bonds with those you travel with.