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Why London?

by Lauren Cherney Friday, March 25, 2016

There are so many reasons why I chose to study in London. I am fascinated by English culture. City University offers an excellent program with courses that meet my requirements.  It would be my best chance to meet Kate Middleton. All very important and sensible reasons. Since I’ve arrived, I’ve learned much more about London and much of it supports my choice. So why should you choose London?

1) The Weather

No, it does not rain all of the time. Yes, it does seem to rain every time I forget to wear my rain jacket. But besides the occasional rainfall, London can actually be a sunny and cheerful place! As a Wisconsin native, it’s a bit of a shock to live in a place that doesn’t go from -10 to 60 in a week. The 30- to 40-degree weather is perfect for a sweater and a cup of tea and with those two things is the most British and the happiest you will find me.

2) Museums

London is full of museums and most of them are free! There is one for everyone. The National Gallery includes paintings by Van Gogh and A LOT of pictures of people wearing ridiculous hats. The British Museum has the Rosetta Stone and a whole section about clocks. The Tate Modern Museum has works by Andy Warhol and a room filled with string made out of hair (???).  Museums are great places to go when you’re procrastinating doing homework, because you can convince yourself that it is an educational form of procrastination and therefore, worthwhile, which has come in handy for me far too many times.

3) Parks

London is an enormous city, but it is also full of green space. Some parks are smaller, with just a few benches and a walking trail. Other parks are massive and very (very) easy to get lost in. Regent’s Park has a zoo. Hyde Park has a palace. There are probably swings somewhere. You know, just your casual, low-key park stuff. So if life in the big city gets to be too much for you, get a coffee (Don’t bring bread. The birds will swarm.) and escape the concrete jungle for a bit.

Birds enjoying a beautiful day at a park in London.

4) The Queen

Because sometimes all the motivation you need to get out of bed is the fact that maybe today is the day that you will see the Queen. (Has yet to happen, but that doesn’t decrease my motivation!)

These are just a few of the many, many reasons why London is the greatest. When considering places to study abroad, keep London in mind. And remember, Adele lives here and so could you.

The London skyline never disappoints.