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Housing Accommodations at HKUST

by Belle Lin Monday, March 26, 2012

Housing at HKUST is convenient, close, and easy to navigate. Exchange students live in on-campus housing, which is assigned randomly. There are a total of seven undergraduate halls for students.

I live in Hall II, which houses a total of 424 students (244 in double rooms, and 180 in triple rooms). The seven halls house about 3400 undergraduate students in total.

The front entrance to Hall II, the dorm building I live in.  

While on exchange, students can choose to room with a local student, a non-local student, a fellow exchange student, or an exchange student of their own choosing. My roommate is a full-year exchange student from Japan and also studying in the business program.  

My dorm room at HKUST in Hall II. The second closest hall to the Academic Building, I share the hall with about 400 other undergraduate students.

Halls I and II are located closest to the Academic Building, where students have classes. No matter where you live, class is within minutes away.

My room came furnished with a chair, desk, wardrobe, bookshelf, bed, and mattress. If flying in to Hong Kong, it’s recommended to purchase bedding here rather than bringing it with you.

Air-conditioning is available (though I won’t need it until the warmer months) via an electronic meter, which is charged by usage.

Each hall also has a common room and pantry on each floor. Laundry can be done on the second floor of my hall, where there are seven washers and five dryers in the laundry room. The common room is a great place to hang out, study, or get out of the room. It’s also the best place to meet other floor residents. Each has a TV, refrigerator, microwave, and telephone.

Co-ed by floor, the bathroom is shared by all floor residents. The atmosphere of each floor can range from quiet to lively depending on time of day and midterm schedules.

Now in the midst of midterm exam period, libraries and study spots are packed. Campus seems more hectic than usual, but the pace of student life doesn’t change much. Next up after exam period – spring break!

The back view of Hall II. Directly behind my hall lies the sea and sports recreation facilities like the indoor and outdoor swimming pools.