If you are interested in studying abroad, it is never too soon to start turning your dream into a reality. Careful planning in these areas will help things go smoothly.

Take the First Steps

Select a Study Abroad Program

For some students, this is the most daunting aspect of considering study abroad - where to go! Others feel there is only one place for them. In either case, below are some important things to consider as you reflect on your destination. Some may be more decisive for you than others, but in the end no one else can make this decision for you.

Prepare your Application

International Programs offers a number of resources to help you prepare your study abroad application. 

  • Just-in-Time Peer Advising appointments: available Monday - Friday via Starfish
  • Professional Staff appointments: available Monday - Friday via Starfish.
  • More information can be found on the Study Abroad advising page.

If you have thought carefully about why and where you want to study abroad, you have a good start on the most substantive part of the application--the essay. But don’t forget the basic requirements:

  • You must have completed at least 24 credits by the time you study abroad; for some programs, you must have completed at least 54 credits. You must be making satisfactory academic progress toward your degree
  • You must have completed at least nine credits of business or economics coursework by the time you study abroad (not by when you apply)*
  • You must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 to be considered for study abroad*
  • You must also meet any program-specific eligibility requirements, if any

*If you don’t meet one of the eligibility requirements above, your application may still be considered on a case-by-case basis. Consider speaking with a study abroad advisor about how to strengthen you application before you apply.

1-2 essays are a large part of the application review as well as your academic preparation; however, the primary selection criterion is demonstrated interest in and rationale for your top choice program. Preference will be given to students admitted to the BBA or Certificate in Business programs. Additional consideration is given for prior relevant language or area studies coursework. Students who have already had a semester abroad experience will be given lower priority. If you will travel on a non-U.S. passport, please indicate this on your application as a few programs are unable to accommodate passport holders of certain countries.

The deadline for summer programs is February 1. The deadline for fall programs is March 1. Spring 2022 applications will open in spring semester of 2021 and close in late summer/early fall. After the spring application deadline, we will consider applications on a rolling basis for any spring spots remaining after the initial round of selections. Spaces available and extended deadlines by program will be announced after the first round of application decisions. We encourage all students to submit their study abroad application by the spring priority deadline, but this is of particular importance if your top choice is a bi-lateral exchange program, as all spaces may be filled in the initial round.

You are advised to indicate as many as three additional program choices on your application in case you are not selected for your first choice. Please only list programs in which you would accept placement.

You will be notified of your application status within one month of the application deadline, or within one month of your application if submitted after the spring priority deadline. Upon notification of selection for a program, you will then have one month to confirm your participation and pay the program fee. Any subsequent request to change your program or term of study must be submitted in writing and will be considered only as space is available. The program fee may be transferred only to programs within the same academic year.

More Resources & Information

Students who have returned from study abroad can be an invaluable resource as you firm up your plans. Read firsthand accounts of students abroad on the Business Badgers Abroad Blog. Watch for announcements of special events such as the Business Badgers Study Abroad group advising sessions. More study abroad alumni welcome your questions through the Returned Participant Network.

If you have already been selected for a program, you should schedule an appointment with your study abroad advisor through Starfish.

To read more about cross-cultural communication, study abroad in general, and your destination in particular, check out these campus resources.

To learn more about WSB study abroad, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.