Costs and Financial Aid for Study Abroad

If you think you can’t afford to study abroad—think again! The Wisconsin School of Business offers at least four programs that can cost you less than a semester on the Madison campus and several more that are within about $1000 of a Madison semester. You can find cost estimates on the “Cost” tab when you search for a program.

To assess the true cost of a study abroad program in light of all available resources, use the Study Abroad Budget Form and keep in mind that most types of financial aid can be used for study abroad.* If you already receive aid, you may qualify for additional funding based on the total cost of studying abroad.

If you don’t currently receive aid, and you think your personal and family resources are not adequate to cover the cost of studying abroad, you should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) well in advance of your study abroad program.

  • For summer programs, apply by March 1st (using the FAFSA for the following academic year)
  • For academic year or fall programs, apply by June 1st
  • For spring programs, apply by October 1st
Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid for more information. Some other websites you may find useful for budgeting include:

*Semester programs that contain fewer than 15 weeks of actual instruction may not be eligible for federal financial aid in future, pending review. For summer programs, you must earn a minimum of six credits in order to qualify for financial aid. Check your eligibility for what constitutes half time in a summer session.

UW-Madison has also changed the aid calendar where summer is now at the end of the aid cycle. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid if you have questions about how to distribute your financial aid if you are participating in a summer study abroad program.

Financial aid awards will be credited to your UW-Madison account no earlier than ten days prior to the start of the semester on the Madison campus (five days prior to the start of a summer session); or ten days prior to the start of your study abroad program if it begins after the Madison semester (five days prior to the start of a summer session). If your program requires that you pay tuition directly to the host institution, a check for the balance of your financial aid will then be sent to the MAILING address on file in your student center, or deposited directly into the bank account you have designated for eRefunds.

For more information on financial aid:

Office of Student Financial Aid
333 East Campus Mall #9701
Phone: 608-262-3060

Travel While Abroad

Many students enjoy traveling to new places during their semester abroad, and developing a greater cultural understanding while doing so. The cost of individual travel is not accounted for in program cost estimates, since this is an individual choice outside of the academic program. The Study Abroad Travel Budget Worksheet can be useful in helping you determine the cost of additional travel outside of what the program already provides.The following budget examples show the varying levels of expense that can come with elective travel.

Study Abroad Travel Budget Sample - Budget
Study Abroad Travel Budget Sample - Medium Price
Study Abroad Travel Budget Sample - High Cost


The Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) offers scholarships for students studying abroad on approved UW-Madison programs. Students are also eligible to apply for study abroad scholarships awarded by UW-Madison International Academic Programs (IAP). In addition there are a number of national study abroad scholarships for which you may be eligible. We encourage you to review the UW-Madison Study Abroad Scholarships webpage to access the study abroad scholarship chart. This tool allows you to sort through a variety of awards, eligibility requirements and deadlines. 

UW and WSB Study Abroad Scholarships

To apply for Wisconsin School of Business and UW Study Abroad scholarships, log into the Wisconsin Scholarship Hub (WiSH) with your NetID.

To be considered for WSB-specific study abroad scholarships, students must submit an application for the Study Abroad Scholars opportunity in WiSH.  

  • For summer 2020 and fall 2020 study abroad programs, apply by February 10, 2020.
  • For spring or calendar year study abroad programs, the typical deadline is October 1

If you experience any difficulties with your application, email