About 40 percent of each Wisconsin BBA graduating class studies abroad. Students describe the experience as professionally rewarding and personally transformative. A study abroad experience can be a great way to demonstrate enhanced autonomy, motivation, organization, worldview, and ability to take risks. You, too, can return from study abroad with a developed set of skills (that employers value!), a new sense of self, and a greater appreciation of cultural differences.

We realize that the process of preparing to study abroad can feel unfamiliar and overwhelming. You might have questions or concerns: Where do I start? How do I select a program? What courses can I take? The good news: Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is available to provide the guidance you need to navigate the application and preparation processes so that your study abroad goals may be realized.

Interested in a study abroad experience? Start researching your options here:

Partnerships in International Programming

The Wisconsin School of Business (WSB) works in close partnership with International Academic Programs (IAP) to administer study abroad programs geared specifically for business students. All approved UW-Madison programs share policies, procedures, and best practices.

Student Safety Abroad

Student safety is a top priority. Every program is vetted by the UW-Madison Faculty Advisory Committee for study abroad, with additional input from UW’s Director of International Safety and Security, if needed. For more details related to safety and security, please visit IAP’s Health and Safety webpage.