Get Involved

Once the semester begins, we encourage you to get involved on campus. The following resources provide you with ideas of how to find activities and meet other students.

BRIDGE (Building Relationships in Diverse Global Environments) Program

The BRIDGE international friendship program helps international students connect with U.S. students to assist with the initial adjustment to the university and to the new culture.

Upon arrival in the U.S., international students may be confronted with culture shock, language barriers, isolation, and other obstacles. By pairing international students with U.S. partners, the BRIDGE program aims to ease the transition of international students to college life at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and create a friendship in the process.

In addition, BRIDGE also works as an intercultural exchange program, helping to educate U.S. students about other countries and global opportunities in a fun environment through their international partner. U.S. students can learn about cultural diversity and intercultural communication in an open, friendly atmosphere.

Experience Madison

The city of Madison is a vibrant community with something for everyone. Madison has a great arts and theater scene, opportunities to get outside and enjoy nature, and a wide variety of restaurants to enjoy. Watch the video below to hear WSB students talk about their favorite parts of the city.