While you are ultimately responsible for securing your own housing, International Programs can assist you.

Once you sign a contract for whichever housing option you choose, the agreement is binding and you will be responsible for the full payment.

Some of the more popular housing options for business exchange students include:

  • University Housing: On-campus residence halls are mostly for first- and second-year undergraduates; however, only undergraduates are able to apply to live here. They provide a distinct opportunity to integrate into campus life. There are learning communities (including entrepreneurial and international) that speak to students’ unique interests. Undergraduate students will automatically receive a contract after they have been admitted to the university (that is, after we receive your paper documentation under number 3 of "How to Apply".) If you decide to live off-campus, you can ignore this email. If you decide to live in University Housing, follow the instructions and due dates for Exchange Student applications. The deadlines for University Housing are generally April 1 (for fall students) and November 15 (for spring students). Although, if there are spaces available, deadlines may be extended. Please note that University Housing contracts are binding and will not be cancelled unless you withdraw from the university. University Housing contracts require that you purchase a meal plan. More information on this can be found here.
  • Steve Brown Apartments: Steve Brown Apartments is a company that owns many private apartment buildings in Madison, some of which are very close to campus. Please visit their website for more information about rental rates and available apartments.

You may also consider the following options and arrange your own housing. UW-Madison’s Off-Campus Housing Service lists hundreds of rentals in Madison for apartments, roommate openings, rooms in private homes, and more.

A very useful document is the UW Campus Area Housing handbook. It has a map of neighborhoods, average prices, factors to consider, important vocabulary, and advising on when to search, safety, and subletting.

Once you have made your selection, complete the Housing Request Form (available on the Application Guidelines page) and submit that with the other documents required for the paper application component. If you change your mind after your submission, please keep our office informed.

Review the following resources for temporary housing for you or guests: