A full explanation of grades and grading policies at UW-Madison can be found on the webpage for the Office of the Registrar. Typically, business professors provide students with feedback throughout the semester, which may include a preliminary grade on completed coursework, mid-terms, and participation. Your grade will depend on a variety of factors, which may include:

  • Your participation in class
  • Homework that you turn in on a regular basis
  • Quizzes taken throughout the semester
  • Formal presentations made in class (individually or as part of a group)
  • Papers you write
  • Two or three exams taken throughout the semester, including a final

If you are concerned with how your UW-Madison grades will transfer back to your home university, please check in with your exchange coordinator at your home university

After the semester ends, professors will report the grades to the Registrar’s Office, which will post them to your transcript. You may check your grades by logging into MyUW.

International Programs will mail one copy of your official transcript to your home university in late January (fall participants) or mid-June (spring participants). Due to the large number of exchange students, International Programs cannot mail transcripts to individual students. If you would like additional hard copy transcripts, there is a fee and they can be ordered through ordertranscript.wisc.edu. You can order free pdf versions of your transcript.