I’m a student not from an exchange partner university—can I study at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Wisconsin School of Business?

For more information, please visit the International Academic Programs Incoming Exchange Students website and read the "Exchange Student Status" section.

Am I required to purchase U.S. health insurance?

For information about insurance, please visit the International Academic Programs Exchange - Insurance website.

When do I need to purchase SHIP?

There is a deadline set each semester by which all international students should enroll. This is typically the second or third week of classes. You will be able to purchase SHIP once you arrive by visiting their office directly. If you choose to purchase SHIP before you arrive in the U.S., list SHIP’s address as your U.S. address so that you can pick up your insurance card once you arrive on campus.

Will you find housing for me?

While the International Programs Office is here to help and will disseminate helpful information and housing offers, exchange students are ultimately responsible for finding their own housing.

Can I live on campus?

Yes, on-campus housing is an option. For information about on campus housing options, please visit the International Academic Programs Exchange - Housing website.

Can I be my own financial sponsor?

Yes. Students are allowed to use their own funds and be their own financial sponsor for the purposes of obtaining a student visa. When filling out the Certificate of Financial Support, list your own name and information in the Commitment of Support section.

What if my bank won’t certify the Certificate of Financial Support?

In lieu of certifying the Certificate of Financial Support, students may submit an official bank statement or letter that includes the following information: the account owner’s full name, bank name and address, and type of account with corresponding balance. The bank letter or statement must be comprehensive.

How do I enroll in courses?

Enrolling in courses is an online process. The UW-Madison Office of the Registrar provides demos and tutorials about searching, planning, and enrolling in classes.

How do I obtain enrollment permission if a course has pre-requisites?

If you think your previous coursework fulfills the pre-requisite requirements for a course at UW, complete this Course Permission Request survey. You will need to provide the Course ID, the class number of the section you would like to take, your Campus ID, and a list of your previous courses that have prepared your for this course. International Programs will then contact the appropriate department on your behalf or provide you with instructions about what next steps you should take.

How can I enroll if all sections of a course are full?

First of all, make sure that you are on the wait list for that course, if a wait list is offered. Second, enroll in a back-up course that you would be willing to take just in case you are not able to get into your first-choice course. Third, email the department or the professor expressing your interest in the course, your unique situation as an exchange student, etc. Finally, attend the first day of that course and talk with the professor after the lecture. Please remember that while we would like to accommodate every exchange student’s course preferences, sometimes courses fill up or are reserved for certain student populations. We cannot guarantee that you will get into a class for which you are currently on the wait list.

Can exchange students purchase season football tickets?

Yes, they can! Please contact the Wisconsin Athletic Ticket Office via email or phone in mid-May for more details. Please note that students with graduate-student standing will have a different timeline for purchasing season student tickets than undergraduate exchange students.