The Leadership Certificate identifies the students who have taken the extra step as leaders at this University. The Certificate allows you to develop the skills and gain the experience necessary to grow into an effective leader both inside and outside of the School of Business. By declaring the Certificate, you will document your leadership experience and highlight it in a way that will appeal to employers.

To receive the Certificate, participation in the following are required:

  • "Declaration" meeting with an ALC staff member at least 1 semester prior to completing certificate
  • Attend LeaderShape Institute or 2-Day Leadership Challenge
  • Complete one of these Leadership Development classes: MHR 365, MHR 401, or GB 365, receiving a grade of B or higher
  • Participate in at least 40 hours of volunteering or civic engagement
  • Participate in 4 in-person or online workshop in Leadership, Civic Engagement, or Social Justice
  • Complete 20 hours of Experiential Learning Opportunities
  • Complete Semester Meetings with BBA Staff Reflection Partner
  • Complete assessment of self-growth as a leader via the Capstone Paper and Presentation after fulfilling all the requirements listed above

For details of the requirements and more information about the Leadership Certificate, please email or visit the ALC, located in 1250G Grainger.