The myBiz Blog is a great way to share important information with pre-business, BBA, CIB, and CIE students. To contribute information to the myBiz Blog, please refer to the guidelines below.

Deadlines and Timely Contributions

The submission deadline to ensure that material will be posted to the myBiz Blog by Friday afternoon and included in the upcoming Sunday’s myBiz Blog Weekly Digest is 12PM (Noon), Wednesday. While information will be archived on the blog, it will only appear in the digest the Sunday after the material is posted.

Please keep this timeline in mind when submitting material to ensure the digest is up-to-date and relevant for students.

Who Can Submit?

We are currently accepting submissions from the following individuals/groups:

  • BBA/WSB and UW programs/offices
  • Academic departments
  • Student organizations (Please use the student organization specific form below and only add your event is it is open/relevant to all students, not simply organization members)

All content related to recruiting or on-campus interviewing should be submitted through WSB Employer Relations

The BBA Program will exercise discretion regarding the amount and type of content posted.

Types of Content and Submission Form

The myBiz Blog and digest will no longer contain information about specific events.  Please utilize the Business Badger Guidebook master calendar for all event submissions and details.  The myBiz Blog is only intended for updates, announcements, and other information relevant to the student populations listed above.

To Submit Content:

Submit Events to the Business Badger Guidebook Calendar

To submit events to the Business Badger Guidebook Calendar (and/or TV monitors in the WSB Undergraduate Program Areas):