January 27, 2020 | By Jade Christensen | Back to news


Hi everyone!

I’m Jade and I’m a junior studying marketing and pursuing digital studies certificate. I’m beyond excited to be studying abroad in Milan this semester and I can’t wait to share my experiences with you all. I want to share with you why I chose to study in Milan.

Ever since I was young, I’ve always been passionate about fashion. Clothing has always been a way that I could express myself and it has allowed me to be my most creative self. I’ve even decided to pursue a career in retail because of this passion. It’s also why I’ve decided to study in Milan. Not only is it one of the fashion capitals of the world, it also offers fashion marketing classes that count toward my degree. It’s so surreal that I’ve been given this opportunity, and I’m counting down the minutes until I’m finally there.

There’s a part of me that’s nervous to embark on this journey. Given that I’m going to be living in a completely different country for 5 months, this is completely natural. I want to be honest and real with you all during this experience. I know I’m going to have my struggles, especially since I get homesick super easily (Mom if you’re reading this, I already miss you). However, that’s part of the experience and I know that I’ll find my way. It also makes it easier that I’m able to share it with you all, so thanks for reading!

When I get there, I’ll be sure to update you on my apartment. We’re living in Porta Romana, a beautiful suburb of Milan.

Thanks so much for reading, and I’ll talk to you all soon!