January 23, 2019 | By Lucia Anderson | Back to news

Hi readers!

I’m Lucia, a junior marketing major from Minneapolis, Minnesota hoping to get a certificate in Business Analytics. But what’s more important here is why I chose to study abroad in Hong Kong.

Young woman at scenic overlook

Ever since my junior year of high school I wanted to study abroad in Florence or Barcelona. My parents took my sister and I on a couple of trips to those Mediterranean destinations, so they became two places I could see myself living. At some point sophomore year, I had an “epiphany,” for lack of a better word. This is one point in my life where I can go live somewhere completely outside of my comfort zone and have low commitment of staying there after the semester is done. From this reasoning, I decided I wanted to study somewhere in Asia.

When studying abroad through the Wisconsin School of Business you rank up to five programs you are interested in. I decided to rank the National University of Singapore as No. 1 and City University of Hong Kong as No. 2. Both programs are direct exchange programs, meaning that you pay your UW-Madison tuition and you switch places with a student from the other school. It made more sense for me, financially, to choose direct exchange because it can be more affordable than the non-direct exchange programs.

Although I did not get into the Singapore program, I think studying in Hong Kong will be the best decision that was ever made for me. I am excited to be near the ocean and mountains and close to many amazing travel destinations. Hong Kong has influences from British and Chinese culture and is a foodie’s paradise.

It’s crazy that it is almost time to board a plane to travel to the other side of the world. My goal is to push myself outside of my comfort zone as much as possible so that I can truly grow and develop from this experience.

Until next time,