The international business major is designed to provide students with the sound understanding of international business principles and the languages and cultures of other regions that are essential for success in today's global economy.

Students who major in international business must declare another major in business, as functional business skills such as accounting, marketing and finance are important for initial career placement and emphasized more in the early stages of business careers. International skills are generally utilized after mastering functional skills. Career opportunities include private firms with world-wide interests, government and international agencies and U.S. and foreign colleges and universities.

Students must choose a region of emphasis and select language and area studies courses accordingly. Currently, regional tracks are established for Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Studying abroad through the Wisconsin School of Business International Programs for one fall or spring semester in the selected region is required for the major.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad for one semester through the Wisconsin School of Business International Programs is required for the International Business major. In addition to the required semester abroad, many students may also choose to take advantage of summer programs or short programs embedded in a course to gain additional international experience. Students are encouraged to visit the Study Abroad section to learn more about study abroad opportunities and to meet with their academic advisor to discuss course planning. Students can take a maximum of two courses in their major abroad (no limit to International Business courses). Other common course options abroad include core, breadth, and foreign language courses.

Course Requirements

Students must be admitted to the Wisconsin School of Business to complete a major in International Business.

The curriculum requirements for the International Business major can be found on Guide.

Students who matriculated to the Wisconsin School of Business prior to Fall 2018 will follow the requirements listed here.


A limited number of multi-national organizations offer graduates international career opportunities earlier in their career.  In international business, however, most businesses require their employees to work in their United States office(s) for three to five years before assigning significant international responsibility.


Meet the academic and career advisors for International Business.

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Ariel Sorenson
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Career Coach
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