A specialization in health care management is available to all undergraduate students enrolled in the School of Business. Students can add this specialization to their current business major. To complete the health care management specialization, students take the traditional business courses as well as three electives. Students learn to think about health care in an integrated business framework both in and out of the classroom from our faculty and applied learning program.

Course Requirements

The Health Care Management Specialization must be in conjunction with a Wisconsin School of Business major.

Complete three courses from the following list:

  • CSCS 254 (1 credit), Community and Non-Profit Leadership Symposium
  • CSCS 460 (3 credits), Leadership & Management of Non-profit Orgs (previously INTER-HE 460)
  • Econ 441 (4 credits), Analytical Public Finance
  • Econ/Pop Hlth/Pub Affr 548 (3-4 credits), The Economics of Health Care
  • Gen&WS 102 (3 credits), Gender, Women, and Society in Global Perspective
  • Gen&WS 103 (3 credits), Women and Their Bodies in Health and Disease 
  • Med Hist/His Sci 133 (3 credits), Biology and Society, 1950 - Today
  • Med Hist 212 (3 credits), Bodies, Diseases, and Healers: An Introduction to the History of Medicine
  • Med Hist/Env Stud 213 (3 credits), Global Environmental Health: An Interdisciplinary Introduction
  • Med Hist 218 (3 credits), History of 20th Century American Medicine
  • Med Hist/Hist Sci/Afro Amer 275 (3 credits), Science, Medicine, and Race: A History
  • Med Hist 504 (3 credits), Society and Health Care in American History
  • Med Hist 505 (3 credits), Justice and Health Care 
  • Med Hist 507 (3-4 credits), Health Disease and Healing I
  • Med Hist 508 (3-4 credits), Health Disease and Healing II
  • Med Hist 509 (3 credits), The Development of Public Health in America
  • Med Hist 515 (3 credits), Public Health Ethics
  • Med Hist 531 (3 credits), Women and Health in American History
  • Med Hist/Pop Health 553 (3 credits), International Health and Global Society
  • Med Hist/Philos 558 (3 credits), Ethical Issues in Health Care
  • I SY E/Med Phys 559 (2 credits), Patient Safety and Error Reduction in Healthcare
  • NTP 660 (1 credit), Neuroscience and Public Policy
  • Nursing 105 (2 credits), Health Care Systems: Interdisciplinary Approach
  • OTM 451 (3 credits), Service Operations Management
  • Poli Sci 100 (3 credits), Health Policy and Politics **this is a topics course; only the Health Policy and Politics course will count towards the specialization
  • Pop Hlth 370 (3 credits), Introduction to Public Health: Local to Global Perspectives
  • Pop Hlth 471 (3 credits), Introduction to Environmental Health
  • Pop Hlth 664 (3 credits), Prevention of Overweight and Obesity
  • Real Estate 365 (1 credit), Residential and Commercial Healthcare only
  • Soc 170 (3-4 credits), Population Problems
  • Soc 531 (3 credits), Sociology of Medicine
  • Soc 532 (3 credits), Health Care Issues for Individuals, Family, and Society 
  • Soc 533 (3 credits), Public Health in Rural and Urban Communities
  • Soc/Econ 663 (3 credits), Population and Societ
  • Soc Work 205 (4 credits), Introduction to the Field of Social Work 
  • Soc Work 206 (4 credits), Introduction to Social Policy

*Other courses may also count for the Health Care Management Specialization.  If you find a course you’d like to take, contact Professor Covaleski (mcovaleski@bus.wisc.edu) about possible additional courses that may be relevant.


Consult your academic or career advisor to determine how a specialization in health care management could enhance your degree.


Contact your academic or career advisor for questions about pursuing the health care management specialization. Contact the program coordinator, Mark Covaleski, with questions about the specialization, including course options.