students in a panel discussing diversity and inclusion

The Wisconsin School of Business is committed to increasing the diversity of its undergraduate student body, including but not limited to these factors: racial, ethnic, socioeconomic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, and intellectual. Our diversity initiative leaders work with various campus partners to develop and evaluate programs that help students realize their academic, career, and personal goals.

Our initiatives include:

Prospective Student Visit Program

Undergraduate students on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus interested in pursuing opportunities within the Wisconsin School of Business can set up a visit to learn more about our school, its culture, and the resources available to students.

Business Learning Center

The Business Learning Center is located within the Wisconsin School of Business as a resource for students’ success in quantitatively based business courses. It is especially designed to help students taking pre-business courses in preparation for their application to the Wisconsin School of Business.

Collaboration with Community Organizations

We partner with a number of community organizations to help high school students learn about opportunities and careers in business. These organizations include YMCA Sponsor-A-Scholar Program, Boys and Girls Club, and AVID/TOPS Teens of Promise.

Alliance with University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus Pre-College and Advising Programs

We collaborate with numerous campus pre-college and advising programs to support students interested in pursuing a business major.


The Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence (PEOPLE) program is a pre-college pipeline for underrepresented K-12 students that helps them prepare for and apply to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Center for Academic Excellence

The Academic Advancement Program (AAP) is a division of the on-campus Center for Academic Excellence. AAP receives recommendations for its academic services from the admissions office. These services include tutoring and peer mentoring.

Summer Collegiate Experience

Summer Collegiate Experience (SCE) is an invitation-only program for incoming first-year students that allows them to get a head start on the college experience. Students live in a dorm and take three classes for credit. Tuition, books, housing, and meals are covered.

Center for Educational Opportunity

The Center for Educational Opportunity (CeO) provides academic support services like graduate and professional school advising to students from low-income families. CeO also houses the federally funded TRIO Student Support Services.

Chancellor’s Scholarship Program

The privately funded Chancellor’s Scholarship Program includes tuition, fees, and book allowances for academically talented undergraduates from underrepresented populations or for those who are culturally disadvantaged. Recipients typically graduate in the top 10% of their high school classes.


The University of Wisconsin-Madison values a diverse community where all members are able to participate fully in the Wisconsin Experience. Incidents of bias or hate affecting a person or group create a hostile climate and negatively impact the quality of the Wisconsin Experience for community members. UW-Madison takes such incidents seriously and will investigate and respond to reported or observed incidents of bias.

If an emergency has occurred please call 911.

To report an incident of hate or bias, please click here.