The Wisconsin BBA Career Advising Team, 3290 Grainger Hall, offers several resources to help you evaluate what’s important to you, learn about business careers and industries and put all the pieces together. It’s not an easy process and we won’t be able to just tell you what you should do, but we are eager to help you through the exciting, yet overwhelming process.

Résumé Action Verbs

Which of the following phrases would a recruiter prefer to read on a student’s résumé? 

A: Being on this committee required deciding on transportation and budget issues, etc.
B: Secured round-trip transportation and daily subway passes for 15 students participating in Chicago company visit trip and stayed with $250 budget

The answer is B! Start every bulleted phrase on your résumé with an action verb and grab the employer’s attention.

Click here for a list of action verbs.

Write Better Bullet Points

It’s hard to write bullet points on your resume.  It’s even harder to write excellent bullet points. Work to make your resume accomplishments-driven instead of duties-driven. More specifically you can:

  • Explain why the task was important
  • Quantify when possible
  • Describe how you performed your duties
  • Share your impact on the organization

Résumé and Cover Letter Format and Samples

Each cover letter should be unique, original, and professional. Your cover letter serves as an introduction to the résumé and is designed to create interest on the part of the employer to really read the résumé and not merely glance at it. The letter should be one page in length and consist of three to four paragraphs. The first should be the introduction, the second two to three paragraphs demonstrate why you are suited for the position, and the final paragraph is a short conclusion.

Reference Sheet

Secure 3-5 references when you begin applying for internships and full-time positions.  Contact your references before you list them on your reference sheet to confirm that they will serve as a positive reference for you and to provide them with information about potential employers who may contact them in the near future.

Download sample reference sheet